dinsdag, maart 07, 2006

Coping with stupid clients (met dank aan Daan)

Client: Why is that grey bar to the side of the website design?
Me: Well, you requested the site be designed for 640x480 and that grey bar makes the site more attractive for users with larger monitors.
Client: But my computer is 800x600. It should fill my screen.
Me: Well, let me try and help you understand why your screen has a gray bar on the side. Change your resolution to 1024x768. See how the grey bar gets bigger? Screens larger than 640x480, like yours which is 800x600, will have a grey bar. The bigger their screens, the bigger the bar.
Client: Yeah, I did that and now it's worse! What did you do to my computer? It needs to fit my screen but be compatible with 640x480. It's a gray bar. On the right of the page. Don't you see it?
Me: Yes, I put it there. Remember, I designed it?
Client: Why? It makes the site not fill my screen. Just optimize it for 640x480 and make it fill my screen.

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